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Acting Lessons & Coaching

Please note Kay currently has two mentees as part of LimitBreak 2023 and so is unable to take on another at this time. Do get in touch though if you want to be added to the waiting list.

There's a lot of gatekeeping around acting - did you go to drama school? Did you learn Shakespeare? Do you know Meisner and Stanislavski?  Whether you went to RADA or you've performed Chekov in rep doesn't matter to whether you're a good actor. Going to drama school helps. Performing Chekov in rep helps. But neither are essential to the craft.

Being a good actor is about being able to affect the other: the audience and the other players.  Scene analysis, character clues, identifying your character's goals (motivation!) and how they're going to achieve them (actions!) help you tell the right story and sound authentic.

What is essential is that you be good and stand out from the crowd of wannabes with their USB microphones and vague dreams of dubbing anime!

‣ Kay learnt from some of the best teachers (who themselves learnt from some of the best institutions).
‣ She knows how to approach being different in a competitive industry.
‣ Kay can prepare you for the realities of being a jobbing voiceover actor.
‣ She learnt quick, effective methods to break down scripts (essential in voiceover).
‣ She's picked up plenty of top-tips to help make your auditions stand out from the crowd.
‣ She's honest and will be able to recommend you to other tutors/workshops if that would be best for your development and career.
‣ She's a working voiceover artist.
‣ Kay's friendly, approachable and safe.

Speak to Kay and find out if she can help you with practical tips to improve your acting method. Alternatively, if you're already a seasoned actor, Kay can help you identify your personal brand and give you ideas for marketing yourself effectively to The People Who Matter - getting a seat at the big table where the juicy roles are found.

If you're ready to leave rinky-dink £20 per-hour fan dubs on Twitter behind, drop Kay a line. The consultation is free, and if you choose to work with her it's a flat rate of £75 an hour for one-on-one video chat to your agenda and schedule.

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