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Plenty of shows need someone who can not only act, but can hit all the right notes along the way! Look no further than Kay, who beautifully weaves storytelling with music. With a vocal range as expansive as it is enchanting, from C2 to E5, she can bring your characters to life through song.

From the hero's resounding anthem to the villain's sultry serenade, her ability to embody characters in song is just what your production needs. Somewhere between a counter-tenor and a mezzo-soprano she can bring you the range of a multi-voice actor with the power of an opera singer.

Songs resonate deeply with your audience. From Broadway-worthy ballads to catchy jingles, let Kay Elúvian's character-infused singing be the captivating crescendo your project deserves.

Contact Kay today to embark on a musical journey unlike any other!

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