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I find an immense pleasure in guiding listeners through audiobook stories. Authors have trusted me with enthralling crime thrillers, whimsical adventures, relatable comedy-dramas, fascinating sci-fi and romantic LGBTQ stories. Whatever the tale, I take my role as the listener's guide very seriously.

Being a storyteller as an ancient and privileged role in society, and turning the written-word into a captivating performance takes training and experience.  I bring meticulous research and a strong work ethic to the project, which always results in an engaging narration style and lively character portrayals.

Every pause, every inflection, and every emotion in a narration is important. I want it to be an immersive journey that lingers on the listener's mind in the best possible way.

Reach out to me and let's see what we can do together!.


Narrator Kay Elúvian's luminous performance enriches this Regency-era friends-to-lovers romance. ... Eluvian's keen sense of dramatic emphasis and comic timing come to the fore as Viola reunites with her childhood friend, the Duke of Gracewood. The young woman's playful humor and vulnerability complement the Duke's brooding personality. Eluvian elicits the story's emotional complexities as the pair cope with the intense aftereffects of war and their irrepressible desire for each other. When Gracewood's quirky younger sister debuts in London society, a menagerie of deplorable aristocrats emerges. Eluvian's nuanced characterizations are the perfect match for this affirming romantic journey.

A Light in the Forest (Deyan Audio)
Thriller Fiction US Midwest LGBTQ
A Lady for a Duke (Hachette Audio)
Fiction Romance British LGBTQ
Love, Loss and Life (NHS)
Biography Non-Fiction LGBTQ
There's a Revolution Outside, My Love (Penguin Random House)
Non-Fiction Political Social Justice Anti-Fascism
The Man of Science (B7 Media)
Fiction Horror Classic
Come Hell or High Water (Audible)
Fiction Fantasy Arch/Melodrama
The Pips of Paradise (Audible)
Fiction Crime New York/East Coast

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