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Creatures & Animals

Fuelled by an unrivaled passion for mimicry and a gift for conjuring up peculiar noises, Kay Elúvian takes immense joy in crafting one-of-a-kind sounds that can't be found in any effects library. From a quirky yeti with a contagious sneeze to a super-intelligent monkey doing non-Euclidean geometry on a chalkboard, Kay's talent lies in giving life to vivid, imaginative creature-characters that effortlessly captivate audiences.

Unleashing her creativity, Kay breathes authenticity and believability into every creature she portrays. Whether it's a spine-chilling goblin lurking in dark corners, a colossal dragon with thunderous roars, or a comical sugar glider sidekick with a love for juicy fruits, Kay conjures it up.

Behind each growl, screech, or squawk lies a performance that leaves a lasting impression, enhancing the storytelling and world-building of any project. From fantastical realms to mystical dimensions, Kay's voice talents breathe life into the unseen and unimagined.

Kay is the voice artist who will transport you to worlds beyond good, beyond evil and beyond your wildest dreams. Contact her now.

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Maybe a Scooby-doo-Lite voice, or some other mix of furry-and-human voice that only Kay can create.

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