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From indie games and their innovative concepts to big-budget games with cinematic narratives, I'm here for your studio and production: ready to bring my acting A-game!

As an accomplished voiceover artist, I work hard to understand the essence of a project - whatever that involves. Captivating stories, dynamic gameplay, and immersive worlds. That's the only way to create a  performance that resonates with players, and leaves a lasting impression.

Plenty of different studios have relied on me and my versatile vocal range to bring to life a diverse array of characters and creatures. I've been a shotgun-wielding woodpecker, a giant with its own complex language and creatures from Chinese folklore.

If you're creating unforgettable adventures and in need of authentic and memorable performances, contact me now and let's get started.

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I’m sure the game will profit remarkably with voice over recordings like yours. Our boss spoke highly of you and your capabilities. I wish I could have listened in.

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